Day 9, I was lifted up the hills

Because this was a long day, this will be a short post.

Kentucky is not flat as I misread it.

The Appalachians are not over.

The heat would not go away but come back with humidity.

It was Sunday and a church I passed -- now almost exclusively Baptist of cosmetic difference -- had this sign: "Heaven is a cool place." If heaven is the free of suffering, then that must be so. Central air, all downhill.

But, following a similar trope of forlornness and redemption, I happened upon the Historical & Genealogical Society Bed and Breakfast in Hindman, KY. After having to push my bike up its mossy entrance, I was greeted by David, proprietor, with a glass of sweet tea a southern vegetarian meal, and four deserts to choose from. On top of that, I have finally gotten to sit down and talk with someone heading east -- Boris.

And so, around a bonfire, it seems somewhat obvious that kindness and other people are what gets you across your country wherever that may be. That and being so far into Kentucky that you could never find your way out.

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