Why Do I Care About Google Docs Offline?

Google is, according to someone computery, preparing to bring its suite of Google docs offline.  Why get excited about something as unexciting as software?  

Well, software is the tool that many of us work with.  I actually feel a close connection to the logic of, er, Logic and Photoshop.  They make sense to me and are only limited by my creativity and how slow my computer is.  I only feel frustration with Office: I cannot understand, for example, how it is just as slow to save on my present-day supercomputer as it was in the early nineties.  I believe in competition and I see Google's move forcing Microsoft to actually better Office and forcing people to really question what they need from their tools.  

I like writing with something called WriteRoom (pictured) which reduces your options to text and a black screen.  I also love Scrivener, which easily manages plot twists, chapters, multiple characters, notes and the Big Book with complete clarity.  

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