Day 0, Part 2

I'd like to drawn some comparison between my ride down here on the Chinatown bus and my ride across the country on my faithful bike. After stopping off at Won Ton Buffet I asked our driver if we could stop earlier than Norfolk.

"Yes," he said.
"Yes," I said.

Now I am not so sure we said yes to the same things. Mine was supposed to be a sign of mutual understanding. His, I fear, was perhaps 'yes you are talking', 'yes you look crazy', or just 'yes'.

When I travel, I hope to be less frantic about seeing my destination. The Pacific is harder to miss.

Things I have seen: the large Confederate Flag that greets you when crossing the Virginia State line; a hotel that advertised having Pepsi as its top selling point; a chain of highway restaurants aimed at the Harley Davidson crowd. Sadly, I fear I am the wrong kind of biker...

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