Don't Eat Anything that Doesn't Rot

I like Michael Pollan.  I wish more people, especially those in the public eye, were as reasonable as he.  On top of this, his vetted and sound nutritional advice always seems to come out in favor of my favorite foods.  See him talking to Amy Goodman here.  If you want it precis-ed: 
  • Don't eat anything incapable of rotting -- it won't preserve you. 
  • His koan: "Eat food.  Not too much.  Mostly leafy greens."
  • Nutritionalism is an ideology, and like all ideologies, it trudges forwards blindly using the little we do know to swath over the great areas of our unknowledge.
  • The reason we turned to white bread in the first place was the rats refused to eat it.
  • As all (limitless) commodities fall in prices, food companies have to jazz up the basic foodstuffs by processing them into new brands, as Cherios is to wheat, and then processing the old brands when imitators arrive on the scene. 
  • Food subsidies cheapen certain foods (soy, corn) that are fine in small quantities but damaging at the volume we eat them.  Consider the McDonald's meal.  Your meat is corn-stuffed, your soda is corn-syruped, your fries are corn-oil soaked, your bun is corned up too.
  • Don't turn eating into medicine.  
  • Don't turn away from foods because some scientific study with a small sampling decided that one of the hundreds of proteins in red meat is bad from you.  What of all the essential proteins?
Corn cartoon from Natalie Dee.  Check out others at her site.  

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Sliwa said...

Goodness. Could you please correct his 'Koan' already, it's even written on the cover of the book. You don't even have to read it: just zoom in on the cover from Amazon.